Truck Driver Injuries

Years of Experience Representing Truck Drivers:

Truck Driver Workers Compensation injuries are unique. They often involve issues that your average workers compensation case just does not have such as: Which state law applies? Is the driver required to work light duty at the terminal? Is there any third party liability and how will that impact the claim?

Our firm has successfully representing truck drivers in work comp cases throughout Tennessee and in negligence claims against third party across the country. We have the resources to gather any evidence necessary to support our client's claim such as preserving medical testimony in others states, hiring vocational experts or hiring medical experts. It has been our experience that many trucking companies can be difficult when it comes to providing workers comp benefits for their employees. As such, it is important for injured drivers to retain an experienced legal team to ensure that all benefits are being provided pursuant to the Workers Compensation Act. The Higgins Firm can provide that protection.

Common Issues For Truck Driver Workers Compensation Claims:

Common Truck Driver Injuries:

Although the most common injuries are those sustained from accidents it is bar far not the only injuries we see in truck driving cases.

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