What if my injury is caused by someone else?

When people get hurt on the job due to the negligence of someone not employed at the same company you may be eligible for more than just workers compensation payments.  If your pain and suffering or disability was due to the neglect or carelessness of another person or persons, you may be able to report this as a Third Party Lawsuit because of Tennessee’s personal injury rules and regulations set by law. For instance, if you were driving a car while on the job and had an accident involving another car, you may be able to report that the other person’s car caused the accident and get payments from them as well.

These types of cases can also can arise if the injury was due to dangerous product or materials.  Although accidents do happen sometime accidents are the result of a poorly designed product or because the product was not properly serviced.  When this occurs the injured employee may have the right to bring a products liability claim  filed against the company that built the equipment, designed or maintained the equipment.  Our lawyers at the Higgins Firm can review our claim to see if you have a case outside of the Tennessee Workmen's Compensation system.  Payments from a Third Party lawsuit can often exceed the value of the initial Workers Compensation case.


The Higgins Firm has resolved numerous cases across the state of Tennessee involving third party claims.  Below are just a few examples of those cases:

$650,000.00 Settlement From Construction Accident:  Client was working on a scissor lift at a construction site when another worker on the site struck the scissor lift with another piece of equipment.  As a result of the negligence our client fell from his lift and sustained multiple injuries. 

$1 million Settlement in Auto Accident Case:  Client was driving his co-workers to an out of state construction job.  While traveling on the interstate the car was stuck by a semi-truck.  We were able to resolve the worker's compensation case, obtain future medical benefits for life and a One Million Dollar Settlement from the trucking Company. 

$725,000.00 Settlement in Products Liability Claim:  Client was operating a piece of equipment when his hand was caught in a chain that pulled a conveyor belt.  The chain had no guard and was deemed to be defective and dangerous.  The workmen's compensation case was settled with life time open medical benefits and the products liability claim was resolved for $725,000.00

Confidential Settlement: Client was a salesman and was involved in car accident while driving to meet with a client.  The case was settled for a confidential amount. 

These are just a few examples of third-party cases that we have resolved.  One key factor in any of these cases is to obtain counsel early.  Acting quickly is crucial so that all evidence can be preserved and all legal time limitations are met.  Call us today for a FREE CONSULTATION. You owe us nothing unless we recover money of your case. 

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