What type of benefits should injured workers receive?

Sometimes when workers get hurt on the job, they may not realize that they are entitled to payments in Tennessee even if they caused the accident. This is because the state of Tennessee does not place blame on people for these types of cases. This means that every Tennessee worker who may get hurt while on the job is entitled to specific types of payments depending on the circumstances.

  • Seeking Medical Help: In Tennessee, you are entitled to have three options of medical professionals that you may go to. These professionals must not work together and must be located close to where you live. You should seek advice before picking a professional to go see because once you pick one, you must go to this person for your medical help unless the professional recommends someone else. The company or insurance company does not have to provide you with more medical professionals, but sometimes certain insurance companies will do so if it is requested.
  • Compensation while on medical leave from the job: If a medical professional does not want you to go back on the job right away, you be entitled to certain payments such as temporary disability. This means that for the first week you will not get any payments. After that on day 8 you will get a payment for one day on the job, on day 9, two days payment, and so forth. If you are not back after two weeks, you are then entitled to the first week’s worth of payments. A worker will receive up to sixty-six and two-thirds percent of their usual pay for a week, but no more and no less than this amount. This is known as average weekly wage. This amount may change depending on the rates when the incident was reported.  If you are back at work part time and not able to make your normal full time wage you may be entitled to temporary partial disability. 
  • Payment for Permanent Partial Disability (PPD): If medical professionals state that the damages you suffered while on the job will last for the rest of your life, you will be allowed to payments. This is known as permanent partial disability. The amount of compensation available depends on multiple factors including the type of injury, the medical impairment rating, age, education and job skills.  As to your impairment rating, a medical professional will determine what parts and how much of your body is affected. Not all medical professionals will agree with this statement and if you have any questions or concerns, it is recommended that you speak with a lawyer.
  • Payment for Permanent Total Disability (PTD). If you are completely disabled as a result of your workers compensation injury you can receive weekly benefits compensation benefits until you are age eligible for Old Age Insurance Benefits under the Social Security Act.  If, however, you are over age sixty (60) at the time of the injury you could be limited to benefits for two hundred sixty (260) weeks.  It is also important to note that in some cases a lump sum settlement can be negotiated which can be very beneficial to an employee that is also receiving social security disability benefits.  Permanent Total Disability case can be very complicated and it is advisable that you speak with an experienced Tennessee Workman's Compensation Lawyer.
  • Payments for Spouses and Family Members of Deceased Workers: If a worker dies as a result of getting hurt while on the job, the spouse, children, or other family members may be eligible for fifty percent of that worker’s usual pay per week. If the worker has no family members or children that depended on them then twenty thousand dollars will go towards their property or other assets. If another worker or person is somewhat to blame for the death, then your spouse or family member may be able to file another claim against the place of employment or the people involved. This may result in a higher payment.

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