Do I need an attorney?

Many people including the workers and residents in Tennessee may believe that they can handle these cases and situations on their own without needing to consult with an attorney or take legal action. However, sometimes we may need the help of a person with experience and detailed information about these cases because all the laws, rules, and regulations tend to get very confusing.

Another reason to consult an attorney about your case is because many companies and especially insurance companies have their own attorneys who will do their best to deny your claim or will only offer you a small amount of compensation. Finally, in the state of Tennessee there is also a specific amount of time you have to report being hurt or getting ill while on the job. If you do not do something about the incident in this time frame, you may miss your opportunity to receive payments and support. Also, your company does not have to tell you about these time frames.

For these situations, it is very important to seek help from knowledgeable Tennessee attorneys and other professionals that deal with these specific cases. If a medical professional tells your company or insurance company that your pain and suffering is not as bad as it truly may be, this will result in you only getting smaller payment amounts.

Getting a Tennessee workers’ compensation attorney will be most helpful if your case includes:

  • Severe harm or suffering that may end with a life-long disability
  • Your claim is turned down by the insurance or payments are turned down
  • The pain and suffering is longer than ninety days and it is not known when you can return to work or daily activities
  • Life-long disability or pain and suffering is present even if you are able to return to work
  • Your payment amounts seem lower than expected
  • If you are confused or frustrated by the whole process of receiving payments and support

If any of these cases sound similar to yours, we recommend contacting one our experienced and caring Tennessee Workers’ Compensation attorneys at the Higgins Firm. We will help you get your case figured out and get the payments you deserve.

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