How much does it cost to hire a lawyer?

Many people are nervous about taking legal action and using a lawyer because they are concerned about how much it will cost. That is why our lawyers at the Higgins Firm want to provide our clients with all the information we can, especially when it concerns costs. We realize how important your money is to you.

In the state of Tennessee, workers compensation lawyers charge prices that are determined by the law. These charges are not to be more than twenty percent of the payments that you win in the case. The Higgins Firm also does not charge for circumstances such as uncertain disability time frames, or uncertain health visits or check up costs. If a situation involves a deceased loved one or a life-long injury, Tennessee laws place regulations and rules about lawyer costs. At the Higgins Firm, we follow those rules and regulations when they apply to specific cases. A case of being hurt at work is like any other injury case in that it can include charges for obtaining medical files, charges to have the doctors speak on your behalf in court, charges for checkups by other doctors, and any other related trial costs. These charges can total up to thousands of dollars when a cases warrants such strong legal action be taken. At the Higgins Firm, our lawyers usually do not make these charges due until the case is finished, however, when it is, these costs must be paid back to the lawyers from the payments you receive from the case.

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