How Much Will I Recieve For My Injury?

The Tennessee workers compensation system is set up to compensate employees for their future vocational loss. In other words, it considers how the injury will interfere with the employee's ability to earn a living. To determine that amount the court will consider the medical impairment rating, medical restrictions, the worker's prior job history, education and whether they have been able to return to their pre-injury job. The court will take this information and then make a finding as to the injured driver's vocational disability which will be translated to a specific numbered weeks of pay. For Truck Drivers the big focus on determining disability is whether they can return to driving a truck. Can they pass the DOT physical? Can they assist in loading or unloading? Can the drive for long periods of time without resting or changing positions? Do they take any medications that interfere with their ability to drive? In order to be able to explain this to the court it is also important that your lawyer has a good understanding of the industry and the FMCSA. Our firm has this knowledge. If you need our help feel free to contact The Higgins Firm via email or phone at any time.